Специализация в прессах

From the first press “SICMI PF” (the actual PFF) up today, we’ve developed 12 models of standard presses with different sizes and capacity and we’ve created a catalogue of products suitable to satisfy the most popular need in pressing, bending and straightening works.

Starting from these standard models, our customers have been inspired for creating different versions, which are able to fulfill their specific and special need.

It’s just here our real force: planning and produce high quality presses is a duty for us, realizing versions suitable for particular or special works, for us is a pride originated by our artisan vocation.

Every model of presses is developed inside, starting from the study and planning up to the assembling and final testing. Here are the main phases of the working process, as it’s organized by SICMI:

  • Metal frame assembling and welding
  • Cutting and bending
  • Turning – boring and drilling
  • Painting
  • Assembling and testing

Thanks to the certification UNI EN ISO 9001, all the processing steps are checked by the product manager and quality controller in order to guarantee the product reliability and security.